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Extension Information
D D Programming Language Source Code File
D Dialect Source Code File
D GBG DraftMaker Drawing File (think3, Inc.)
D$W MindStor Driver
D00 AdLib Format File
D00 Blaster Master Pro File
D00 Edlib Tracker Mod Compressed
D00 Ganbatte! Winamp Plug-in
D01 Ganbatte! Winamp Plug-in
D01 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D01 Tonline DB File
D02 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D02 Tonline DB File
D03 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D03 Tonline DB File
D04 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D05 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D06 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D07 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D08 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D09 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D1 Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
D10 MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Data File (Cadence)
D11 Macro Mania Data File
D15 Beat Master 62 File
D2 Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
D2 Diablo II Character Data File (Blizzard Entertainment)
D2D 3D Fassade Plus 2D/3D Object
D2H Diablo II Hack It Module File
D2I Diablo II Item File
D2J d2jsp Script File (Paul Taulborg and The d2jsp Team)
D2R Dazzle Dazzle Realization
D2S Diablo II Character and Equipment File (Blizzard Entertainment)
D2V DVD Ripper File
D2WMODEL WebObjects Web Script (Apple Computer, Inc.)
D2X Diablo II Stash File
D30 Driver
D32 Visualisation (IBM)
D3D CorelDream 3D File
D3D Direct3D File
D3F MechCommander 2 Encyclopedia (Microsoft)
D3T Doom Texture (id Software)
D4 Dataphor D4 Script (Alphora)
D4C Dataphor D4 Catalog File (Alphora)
D5P Dragon UnPACKer 5 Language Pack (Dragon Software)
D64 Commodore 64 Disk Image/Game ROM
D67 C64 Emulator Disk Image
D71 C64 Emulator Disk Image
D80 C64 Emulator Disk Image
D81 C64 Emulator Disk Image
D82 C64 Emulator Disk Image
D8A AmBiz Productivity Pak Catalog
DA DynApp Dynamic Application Template File ( e-Synaptix (DynApp Inc.))
DA! Dinfo Data File
DA$ MS Compressed DAT Use UNPACK.EXE.
DA0 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA0 Windows Registry Backup
DA1 Registry Backup
DA1 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA2 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA2 DeepAnalysis 2 eBay Auction Data (HammerTap)
DA2 Windows Dancer (Microsoft)
DA3 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA4 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA4 SeeYou Waypoint (Naviter)
DA5 Green Line File
DA5 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA6 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA7 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA8 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DA9 Star Trek Generations Saved Games
DAA PowerISO Direct-Access-Archive (PowerISO Computing, Inc.)
DAC Pclhandler Image File
DAC Sound File
DAD Chromeleon Channel Raw Data
DAF Mobius Document Archive
DAF OM2 911 Xchange Version 3 & 6 Document
DAF Pelesoft DAF
DAF Download Accelerator (SpeedBit Ltd.)
DAF dKart Office Cartographic Data Exchange Format (HydroService AS)
DAG Aralia Format Fault Tree
DAI DAIProcessor
DAL SpeedBit Download Accelerator Plus DAP List
DAN ATI Radeon Video Driver
DAN Winphone Address Book
DAN Personal Paint Danish Language User Interface File (Amiga)
DAO Duplicator CD File
DAO Windows Registry Backup
DAP Access Data Access Page (Microsoft)
DAP Omnis5 Application File (Raining Data Corporation)
DARBY TheWord & Bible Companion Darby's Bible Translation Bible
DAS PackRat Index
DAS Download Accelerator File List (SpeedBit Ltd.)
DAT Data
DAT Digital Audio Tape
DAT Exchange Server Error Message (WINMAIL.DAT) (Microsoft)
DAT Commodore 64 Audio
DAT Gunlok Archive
DAT Internet Explorer Cache File (Microsoft)
DAT MapInfo Native Data Format (Mapinfo Corporation)
DAT Mitsubishi DJ-1000 and Photorun Native Format
DAT MS Word for DOS File
DAT Nascar Racing Archive
DAT Nero CD Speed Results File (Nero AG)
DAT Novell Message File
DAT RDXR020305.DAT is Morpheus Adware
DAT SHARP MZ-series Emulator RAM-Disk File
DAT SPOT Graphic
DAT Terrasoft Dataset Definition File
DAT Unfinished FastTrack Download
DAT VCD and/or SVCD File
DAT Video CD MPEG or MPEG1 Movie
DAT VMS Data File
DAT WordPerfect Merge Data (Corel Corporation)
DAT Z80 Spectrum Emulator Snap/File Format
DAT Windows Registry Hive (Microsoft Corporation)
DAT PestPatrol Data/Scan Strings (PestPatrol, Inc.)
DAT Oric Atmos Snapshot
DAT Allegro Generic Data
DAT My Personal Programmer Distributed Project (M:Pact Technologies)
DAT LithTech Game Compiled Level File (Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.)
DAT Walkman NW-S23 MP3 File Storage Container (Sony)
DAT Chuzzle Saved Game
DAT Peachtext List Manager (Peachtree Software (Sage Software SB, Inc.))
DAT SeeYou Waypoint (Naviter)
DATA Font2D Resources File
DAWN Experimental File Format
DAX Daxaif Compressed Audio
DAY Journal
DAZ Poser 3D File
DB ANSYS Database
DB ArcView Object Database File (ESRI)
DB Paradox Ver 7 Table Database (Borland Software Corporation)
DB data by Synopsys Design Compiler, dbVista, Paradox, Smartware, XTreeGold
DB dBASE IV or dBFast Configuration
DB MSWorks
DB MultiEdit Configuration
DB Mozilla (Netscape) Client Certificate or Security Module Database (
DB Novell GroupWise Addressbook Database
DB Oracle Database
DB Paradox Database
DB Progress Database Database File (Progress Software)
DB SmartWare Office Pac File
DB Solid Database
DB WindowsXP Thumbnail Database (Microsoft)
DB DIGIBooster Module/Song
DB$ Clarion for Modula-2 Debug Info (SoftVelocity)
DB$ dBASE Temporary File
DB0 dBASE Initialization File
DB1 Adressmn
DB1 ImageDatabase Index to Image Database (A.I.Soft)
DB2 dBfast File
DB2 ImageDatabase Image Database (A.I.Soft)
DB3 Dr Brain 3
DB4 dBASE 4 Data
DBA DataEase Data File
DBA Palm DateBook File (Palm)
DBA Turbo Prolog Database (Borland Software Corporation)
DBB ANSYS Database Backup
DBB DeBabelizer BatchList
DBB Mopheus Music File
DBB Skype User Data (Profile and Contacts) (Skype Limited)
DBC OrCAD Capture CIS Database Configuration
DBC PROGNOSIS Database Collection Document File
DBC Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft)
DBC CANdb Network File (Vector Informatik GmbH)
DBD Business Insight Data
DBD Clarion for Modula-2 Debug Info (SoftVelocity)
DBD DemoShield Project File (InstallShield Software Corporation)
DBD Oracle Record Type
DBD Psion (Psion PLC)
DBE ActiveSync Backup File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
DBE Database Engine File
DBF ArcView Shapefile Attribute Table File (ESRI)
DBF Database
DBF JetForm FormFlow Data File
DBF Oracle 8.x Tablespace File
DBF ACT! Main Database File (Best Software CRM Division)
DBF Psion Series 3 Database (Psion PLC)
DBF Abacus Law Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
DBF NovaBACKUP Backup Database (NovaStor Corporation)
DBF Alpha Five Table Data File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
DBF The Network Diary Database (CF Systems Ltd)
DBG ArcView Problem Debug Log File (ESRI)
DBG C++ Symbolic Debugging Info (Borland Software Corporation)
DBG Debugger Script Watcom Debugger
DBG MS Visual C++ CodeView COFF-format Debugger information
DBG Oracle Generator File
DBG Paradox File
DBG Watcom Debugger Script
DBI Database Explorer Information (Borland Software Corporation)
DBI Fifa World Cup Game Data Comin fe File
DBI Photo Soap2 File
DBI Isearch Database Information
DBK dBASE Database Backup
DBK Orcad Schematic Capture Backup File
DBKIT Doggiebox Drum Kit File (Zygoat Creative Technical Services)
DBL LineWriter File
DBL WindowsXP Product Activation File (Microsoft Corporation)
DBM Cold Fusion Template
DBM DataBoss Menu Template
DBM DataEase / DataEase Express Data File
DBM OzWin CompuServe E-mail/Forum Access SYSOP File
DBM DigiBooster Pro Tracker MOD File (APC & TCP)
DBNML NML Language Database Extension (NevoSoft)
DBO DB/TextWorks Database Directory
DBO dBASE IV Compiled Program File
DBOOK Pocket Diary Text
DBP Visual Studio .NET Database Project (Microsoft)
DBP SignIQ Data Broker Project (ImpulseLogic)
DBPRO DarkBASIC Professional Project File (The Game Creators Ltd.)
DBQ AutoCAD DB Query (Autodesk, Inc.)
DBQ Paradox Memo
DBQ QuickLink Database
DBR Comdial VMMI Database
DBR DB/TextWorks Database
DBR Golf Courses File
DBR TCM - MRP Software Compliled Executable (WorkWise, Inc.)
DBR DeepBurner Burn File List (ASTONSOFT Co.)
DBS DB/TextWorks Database Textbase Structure File
DBS DeBabelizer Script
DBS SQLBase Database (Gupta)
DBS GPS Data File
DBS Managing Your Money Database
DBS ProDas - SQL Windows Data
DBS Structured Query Language (SQL) Format Database
DBS Word Printer Description File (Microsoft)
DBS Works Printer Description File (Microsoft)
DBSONG Doggiebox Song File (Zygoat Creative Technical Services)
DBT AutoCAD R2000 DB Template (Autodesk, Inc.)
DBT Database Text File
DBT dBFast Memo Text for Database
DBT Foxbase Memo
DBT FoxPro, Foxbase+ Style Memo
DBT JetForm FormFlow Data File
DBT Oracle Template
DBT OpenInsight Database File (Revelation Software)
DBT Abacus Law Ver. 9 Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
DBT SeeYou Waypoint (Naviter)
DBV Flexfile Memo Field File
DBV Abacus Law Ver. 10 Data (Abacus Data Systems, Inc.)
DBW DataBoss Database File
DBX Database Index
DBX DataBeam Image
DBX Formula Graphics Project
DBX Outlook Express E-mail Folder (Microsoft Corporation)
DBX Visual Foxpro Table (Microsoft)
DB_ CAD File
DC DesignCAD CAD File
DC Spice DC Output
DC Dialect Compiled Script
DC$ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
DC+ DataCAD Plus Drawing (DATACAD LLC)
DC2 WinControl DC2-PC Motion Control Command Language File (Precision MicroControl Corp.)
DC2 DesignCAD CAD File
DC2 DC25 Digital Camera File (Kodak)
DC5 DataCAD Drawing File (DATACAD LLC)
DCA D-PAS Portfolio Manager File
DCA IBM DisplayWrite Document Content Architecture Text File (IBM)
DCA Visual Basic X DateBook File (Microsoft)
DCA DCA Archiver Compressed Archive
DCB Concordance Database Control Block
DCC WordExpress2.0 Dictionary File
DCD Document Content Description File
DCD Dynamic-CD-Wizard Project File
DCD INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Object Code
DCE AutoCAD R2000 Dialog Error Log (Autodesk, Inc.)
DCF Design Rule for Camera File Systems File
DCF Disk Image File
DCF Dyadic Data File
DCF DynSite Configuration File
DCF HP-95LX Datacomm Configuration
DCF ProWORX Nxt Database Configuration (Schneider Electric)
DCF WordExpress2.0 Dictionary
DCF Taskmaster Batch Pilot Form (Datacap Inc.)
DCH DraftChoice Drawing (TRIUS, Inc.)
DCI AOL HTML Mail (America Online, Inc.)
DCIM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DCK ZX Spectrum-Emulator
DCK Resolume Deck (Edwin de Koning and Bart van der Ploeg)
DCL AutoCAD Dialog Control Language Description (Autodesk, Inc.)
DCL Delphi Component Library (Borland Software Corporation)
DCL DesignComposer Addition to Layout Knowledge Base
DCL DumpSec
DCLST DC and DC++ Direct Connect
DCM Atari Disk Image Format (Atari)
DCM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine (DICOM) Image
DCM Sound
DCP ArcView Default Codepage File (ESRI)
DCP Delphi Compiled Packages (Borland Software Corporation)
DCP OS/2 Data CodePage (IBM)
DCP Terminal Program; DynaComm Script
DCP Dynamic Cone Penetrometer Data File (Pavement Technology Ltd.)
DCPIL Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information (Borland Software Corporation)
DCR Delphi Component Resource (Borland Software Corporation)
DCR Kodak Digital Camera Raw Image File (Kodak)
DCR RIF Picture
DCR Shockwave Movie (Macromedia)
DCS 1st Reader
DCS ACT! Activity Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
DCS Bitmap Graphic
DCS Color Separated EPS Format
DCS Desktop Color Separation File
DCS Kodak Professional Digital Camera
DCS Quark Desktop Color Separation Specification
DCS AcaStat DataCalc Data Files (AcaStat Software)
DCT ArcView Geocoding Dictionary File (ESRI)
DCT Clarion for Windows Data Dictionary (SoftVelocity)
DCT Delphi Component Template (Borland Software Corporation)
DCT Dictionary
DCT GIS (and many others) Dictionary
DCT Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft)
DCT DALiM LiTHO Continuous Tone Bitmap (Blanchard Systems Inc.)
DCTMP DC++ Incomplete Download File
DCU Delphi Compiled Unit (Borland Software Corporation)
DCUIL Delphi Compiler Symbolic Information (Borland Software Corporation)
DCV DriveCrypt Volume
DCW Draft Choice for Windows
DCX DesignCAD (
DCX ElectraSoft Fax
DCX Graphics Multipage PCX Bitmap
DCX Macros
DCX PC-Paintbrush File (Zsoft)
DCX Visual Foxpro Database Container (Microsoft)
DC~ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
DD C64 Doodle
DD C64 Image Doodle
DD Macintosh Compressed Disk Doubler Archive
DD2 Dungeon Designer 2 Map Design (ProFantasy Software Ltd.)
DDATA Pocket Diary Text File
DDB Design Database File
DDB Device-Dependent Bitmap Graphics File
DDB INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Debugging Info
DDB Protel 99SE Design Database File
DDB ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Data (Schneider Electric)
DDB ACT! Sales Data File (Best Software CRM Division)
DDB DProfiler Cost Database (Beck Technology)
DDC ddoc Print and Preview Print Preview Document (Don Dickinson)
DDC DivX Descriptor DVD Description File (Daren-Softwares)
DDD Acrobat Distiller (Adobe)
DDD BullsEye Style Sheet
DDD Fuji Xerox 2D CAD Data
DDD ARC+ Drawing (ACA)
DDD Alpha Five Table Data Dictionary File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
DDD Medlin Accounting Direct Deposit Information (Medlin Accounting)
DDE Dynamic Data Exchange
DDF Bitstream Fontware
DDF Btrieve Data Dictionary File (Pervasive Software Inc.)
DDF Doom Definition File
DDF Grand Theft Auto III File (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
DDF Music Library File
DDF ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Data (Schneider Electric)
DDF ACT! Database Definition File (Best Software CRM Division)
DDF My Personal Diary Entry Storage File (CAM Development)
DDF ACDSee Use Database (Photo Disc Data File) (ACD Systems Ltd.)
DDF GPS Pathfinder Office Data Dictionary (Trinble Navigation Limited)
DDF Diamond Directive File (MIcrosoft)
DDI Disk Doubler Image
DDI DiskDupe Image
DDIF Digital Equipment (Later Compaq) Used for storing images and word processing documents.
DDL SQL Data Definition Language File
DDM Intelliware Data Modeller
DDM Alpha Five Table Objects (Alpha Software, Inc.)
DDNA Miramar Systems Desktop DNA
DDO Tank3d Game File
DDOC DigiDoc Digital Signature (OpenXAdES Project)
DDP Delphi 6 File
DDP Inor DSoft Software File
DDP OS/2 Device Driver Profile File
DDP DDAdd Dinkey Dongle Protection Parameters (Microcosm Ltd.)
DDPOKERSAVE DD Tournament Poker Save File (Donohoe Digital LLC)
DDR FileMaker Pro Database Design Report (FileMaker, Inc.)
DDR DDRemote Parameter File (Microcosm Ltd.)
DDS Battlefield 1942 Unit/Object Texture File (Electronic Arts, Inc.)
DDS INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Descriptor
DDS Photoshop Compressed Textures (Adobe)
DDS Orbiter Texture File (Martin Schweiger)
DDS DirectX (Multiple Versions) DirectDraw Surface (Microsoft)
DDS XMap XData Dataset (Delorme)
DDT Jill Game File
DDT Linux Configuration File
DDT Neurological Data for Statistical Analysis
DDV Xbase Dbfast Example Ivadbsp File
DDW CSPro File
DDW Datadisc Data
DDX Device Data Exchange Format File (Get Organised Our Dissemination of Die Information in Europe)
DDX Juno Get File
DDX Alpha Five Dictionary Index File (Alpha Software, Inc.)
DE MetaProducts Download Express Incompletely Downloaded File
DE Win Ace 204 File
DE$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
DEB Debian Linux Package
DEB DOS Debug Script
DEBIAN Debian Make File
DEC ArcView UNIX Hyperhelp Supporting File (ESRI)
DEC DEC DX, WPS Plus Document
DEC Decoded File
DEC VersaPro Declaration File
DEC Magic: The Gathering Deck of Cards (Wizards of the Coast, Inc., a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.)
DECK DeckTools Deck Project (dotDeck File) (DeckTools)
DEE Creator Simulator Network Description File (Tufts University)
DEF 3D Fassade Plus Define Module
DEF ADS Source Code (Autodesk, Inc.)
DEF AniSprite (CompuPhase)
DEF ArcView Defaults File (ESRI)
DEF Bert's Dinosaurs File
DEF C++ Definition
DEF Defaults
DEF Definitions
DEF Geoworks Assembly Header File
DEF Modula-2 Definition Module File
DEF Module Definition/Configuration File
DEF SGML Tag Definition
DEF SmartWare II Data File
DEF TLink - Wlink - Others Linker Definition
DEF Visual C++ Definition
DEF ZDP ZEBU's Directory Printer Definitions of User-defined Output Formats (ZEBU Informatics)
DEF Data Entry/Review Module (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
DEFI Oracle Ver. 7 De-install Script
DEH Dehacked File
DEI Gerber Design Engineered Interface
DEK Memorize-It Multimedia Flashcard Deck (Side-Eight Software)
DEL Creator Simulator Compiled Module (Tufts University)
DEL Data
DEL Deleted Data List
DEL PCTracker Undelete Tracking File
DEM Vista Pro Graphic
DEM ArcView Digital Elevation Model File (ESRI)
DEM Creator Simulator Temporary File (Tufts University)
DEM Delphi Edit Mask (Borland Software Corporation)
DEM Descent Demonstration
DEM Vista Digital Elevation Model File
DEM Half-Life Demo File (Sierra)
DEM Quake/Hexen II .DEM File Format
DEM USGS US Geological Survey National Mapping Division Topo30 3D File (USGS SDTS)
DEM Demetra Automated Project (European Commission (Eurostat))
DEM Raven Shield In-Game Recording (Ubi Soft Entertainment)
DEM Unreal Tournament Demonstration File (Epic Games, Inc.)
DEM Turing (Holt Software Associates, Inc.)
DEO Creator Simulator Compiled Module (Tufts University)
DEP Visual Basic Setup Wizard Dependency (MIcrosoft)
DEPLOY DeployMaster Setup Script
DER DER Encoded X509 Certificate
DES Creator Simulator Mozart Source File (Tufts University)
DES Delphi Description File
DES Description Text
DES File Investigator Description File
DES Interscope BlackBox File
DES Quickbooks Forms Template (Intuit, Inc.)
DES Tribes 2 Game File (Sierra)
DES ACT! (Best Software CRM Division)
DES nProtect GameGuard Game Security Plug-in (INCA Internet Co, Ltd.)
DES Designer Technical Illustration (Corel)
DES Medlin Accounting Sales Code Information (Medlin Accounting)
DESC Description
DESK Card Deck File
DESKLINK Desklink Powertoy File (Microsoft)
DESKLINK Windows Explorer Desktop Controls (Microsoft)
DESKTOP Desktop Entry Standard Desktop Entry File
DET ACT! Saved E-mail File (Best Software CRM Division)
DET Dart File
DET StageII Detector Properties File (FITS Format)
DEU ATI Radeon Video Driver
DEU German File (possibly)
DEU Personal Paint German Language User Interface File (Amiga)
DEV Device Driver
DEV Device Independent TeX
DEV LaTeX File
DEV Dev-C++ Project File (Bloodshed Software)
DEV London Architect Custom Device File (BSS Audio)
DEV e-Sword Devotions (Rick Meyers)
DEVEL Developper File
DEWF General Sound
DEWF Macintosh SoundCap/SoundEdit Recorded Instrument
DEX Excel File
DEX WinGlucofacts Data File (Bayer HealthCare LLC)
DEX DEXIS Digital X-ray (ProVision Dental Systems, Inc.)
DEZ Data Ease version 4.x
DEZ DES Encrypted Zip File
DEZ DeZign for databases Project (Datanamic)
DE_ Doko Compressed Install File
DF Data File
DF Lightscape Parameters
DF NCSA Hierarchical Data File
DF Paradox Table Filter
DF$ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
DF1 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF2 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF3 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF3 POV-ray File
DF4 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF5 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF6 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF7 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF8 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DF9 Omnis7 and Omnis Studio Database File (Omnis Software)
DFA Amateur Strip Poker Data
DFC Voicemail File
DFCLASS Together ControlCenter Development Tool
DFCOMPONENT Together ControlCenter Development Tool
DFD ABC Programming Language Dyadic Function
DFD File Flow Diagram Graphic
DFD Prosa Data Flow Diagram Graphic
DFF Digital Animation Format
DFF Grand Theft Auto III Export Format (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
DFF Dynamic File Format Resource Database (Kreative Korporation)
DFI Digifont Outline Font Description
DFI DiskFactory32 Diskette Image (Accurate Technologies)
DFL Signature Default Program Settings
DFL Fresh Download List File (
DFM C++ Builder 6 Form (Borland Software Corporation)
DFM Datafax Image
DFM Delphi Form (Borland Software Corporation)
DFM File Flow Diagram Model
DFM Prosa Data Flow Diagram Model
DFM Wintidy File
DFM Digital-FM
DFN Definition File
DFN DFNWarrior Itemlist
DFN Delphi Integrated Translation Environment (Borland Software Corporation)
DFN TalkAssist Icon String Meaning
DFN Winyaps Style
DFONT Macintosh OS X Data Fork Font File (Apple)
DFP Digital Fusion Plug-in
DFP Stabilogram Diffusion Analysis File
DFP Zoids Commando Player Data File (D9 Software)
DFPACKAGE Together ControlCenter Development Tool
DFS AutoCAD Utility Defaults (Autodesk, Inc.)
DFS Delight Sound File
DFS Swirlique Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
DFSEQUENCE Together ControlCenter Development Tool
DFT BullsEye Style Sheet
DFT Fakt2000 File
DFT PC Draft File
DFT SolidEdge CAD File
DFT WaveMaker File
DFT Workshare Synergy File
DFT cncKad2002 Drafting Tool (Metalix)
DFV GYYR DVMS Digital CCTV Recording
DFV Word Print Format Template (Microsoft)
DFW Derive Math Package (Texas Instruments Inc.)
DFWEBAPPLICATION Together ControlCenter Development Tool
DFX AutoCAD 3D Vector Graphics (Autodesk, Inc.)
DFX Micrografx Designer Effects
DG Autotrol Graphics
DG Xsteel Drawing File (Tekla)
DG-KEY DigiGuide Key File (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGC IBM DataGLANce Capture File
DGC TurboTax (Intuit)
DGC Digital G Codec Archiver
DGC DigiGuide Channel Extension (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGF Acrobat (Adobe)
DGF GPS Pathfinder Office Geoid Grid File (Trinble Navigation Limited)
DGK Delcam Powershape/Powermill
DGL DynaGeo License File (EUKLID)
DGL DigiGuide Language File (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGM Arcland Flow Chart Diagram
DGM Digital Geospatial Metadata File
DGM Freelance Graphics Diagram (IBM)
DGMARKER DigiGuide Marker File (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGN ArcView Design Drawing File (ESRI)
DGN Dragon 32 Emulator
DGN Intergraph Graphics
DGN MicroStation CAD (Bentley Systems, Incorporated)
DGN EdG Design File
DGO Dimitrius Settings File
DGP Creator Simulator Tab Fault List (Tufts University)
DGPRINT DigiGuide Print Template (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGR DART Pro 98 File Group Details
DGR Fax Page
DGR Keeptool ER Diagrammer
DGR Microstation95 CAD Design File
DGR Pivot Graphic Fax
DGR PhoneTools Internal Graphic Format (BVRP Software UK)
DGS AT Advanced Diagnostics
DGS Dagesh (GalTech Software)
DGSCHEME DigiGuide Scheme (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGSCHEME-WEB DigiGuide Scheme (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGSS DigiGuide Smart Search File (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGT Digital Gallery
DGTOOLBAR DigiGuide Toolbar (GipsyMedia Limited)
DGW Digi-Watcher Proprietary Video Format
DGX Rational XDE (IBM)
DH Geoworks Dependency Information File
DH2 Pursuit CRM Report Viewer File (Pursuit Services Ltd.)
DHE Help Workshop Dialog Box Help Editor Document (Microsoft)
DHE Visual Basic Dialog Box Help Editor Document
DHF Help Maker File
DHP Dr. Halo PIC
DHR Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res Writes 2 colors.
DHRP Image Apple IIe / Apple IIc, Double Hi-Res 2 colors compressed.
DHT Gauss Data File
DHT Ox Object-Oriented Matrix Programming Language Gauss Data File
DHT DanTemplate Templated HTML File (DanSoft Australia)
DI Digital Illusion Format
DI Sound
DI Atari Disk Image (Atari)
DIA Computer Support Corp Diagraph Graphics File
DIA DIA Drawing
DIA Diaporama
DIA Psion Organiser Diary File (CM/XP Format) (Psion PLC)
DIB Device-Independent Bitmap Graphic
DIC DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine Format Bitmap
DIC Dictionary
DIC Notes Dictionary (IBM)
DIC Timeslips Personal Dictionary (Peachtree Software)
DIC WordExpress2.0 Dictionary
DIC Microsoft Business Solutions--Great Plains Program Source Code (Microsoft)
DIC Mozilla Dictionary File (Mozilla)
DICM DICOM Digital Imaging and Communications in Medicine
DICOM DICOM Digital Imaging and Communations in Medicine Format Bitmap
DICPROOF Dictionary Proofing File (Microsoft)
DICT Dicts File
DID Acrobat Distiller (Adobe)
DID BullsEye File
DIF Data Interchange Format
DIF DVCPRO or DV Video File
DIF Excel Data Interchange Format (Microsoft)
DIF OS/2 Display Information File
DIF Output from diff Command script for Patch command.
DIF ProWORX Nxt Data Interchange File (Schneider Electric)
DIF Raytheon Raster Bitmap
DIF Spreadsheet
DIF Wright Design's Design Image Format
DIFF Difference File
DIG Digilink Format
DIG Sound Designer Audio File
DIG Text Document
DIGI DIGIBooster Module Format
DII Summation Blaze Load File
DIL Delphi File
DIL DesignComposer Input DIL Script
DIL Dialog LOTUS or HighEdit Import-Export Images
DIL WordExpress2.0 File
DIM AutoCAD Dimension File (Autodesk, Inc.)
DIM XMap Symbol File (Delorme)
DIME MyPublisher BookMaker Book File (MyPublisher)
DIN ADC Labs eWave File
DIN DataEase File
DIP Graphics File
DIP Watcom Debugger Debug Info Processor
DIR ArcView INFO Directory Manager File (ESRI)
DIR CPS Backup
DIR DEC VAX Directory
DIR Directory Indicator (Microsoft)
DIR Macromedia Director Movie (Macromedia)
DIR Procomm Plus Dialing Directory
DIR VAX - CPS Backup Directory File
DIR Worms Armageddon Archive
DIR Grand Theft Auto III (Take-Two Interactive Software, Inc.)
DIR WebSTAR Directory Indexer Plugin File
DIS Corel Draw Thesaurus
DIS Data Import Specification Layout File (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
DIS DKB Ray Tracer File
DIS Mobius Distribution Database
DIS VAX Mail Distribution File
DIS Oracle Discoverer Workbook (Oracle)
DIS Soundweb Firmware File (BSS Audio)
DISCO NET Web Service Discovery File (Microsoft)
DIT Windows2000 Active Directory Schema (Microsoft)
DIT DRAWiT Save File (Poster Software)
DIV DivX Movie (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
DIVX Movie Encoded with DivX-codec
DIVX DivX Movie (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
DIZ Description In Zip File
DI_ Doko Compressed Install File
DJE MattBatt iAM-player Track List (MattBatt Productions)
DJV DjVu File
DJVU DjVu File (LizardTech, Inc.)
DJW Datadisc Explore
DJX Dundjinni Art (Fluid Entertainment)
DK Danemark
DKB DKBTrace Ray-Traced Graphics File
DKB DataKeeper Backup File (Symantec)
DKD Submarine Titans Battle Map (Ellipse Studios)
DKI Doppel Kopf
DKP Dreamkeys Plug-in
DKS DataKeeper Configuration File (Symantec)
DKT DktBot File
DKX Submarine Titans Battle Map (Ellipse Studios)
DKZ Description In Zip File
DL Animation
DL MAC Image Format
DL Masked .DLL File
DL$ System DLLbackup File
DL0 ABBYY Finereader 4.0 Sprint (ABBYY Software House)
DL4 Lindab Dimsilencer File
DLB SmartBook
DLB TigerSHARC Processor VisualDSP++ 3.5 C/C++ Compiler Run-time Library File
DLB Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Data File
DLC 3ds Max Animation Controller File (Autodesk, Inc.)
DLC Echelon HQ Configuration File
DLC Model Dislocation File
DLD DLLdetective
DLD 1-2-3 (IBM)
DLE Macromedia Designer 3D Translator File
DLF Belkin Router Firmware Update
DLF DataCAD Double Precision Layer (DATACAD LLC)
DLG ArcView Digital Line Graph File (ESRI)
DLG C++ Dialogue Script
DLG Dialog Resource Script
DLG Digital Line Graph
DLG Infinity Engine Game Dialog File
DLG Infinity Game Engine Inter-Character Dialog (BioWare Corp.)
DLG MicroSim PCBoard NC Drill Descriptive File
DLI Beast 2.02 Trojan File
DLK INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Compiler Link Info
DLK Xprotect License Code List (Milestone Systems)
DLL CorelDraw Export/Import Filter
DLL CorelDRAW Export/Import Filter
DLL Dynamic Link Library
DLM 3ds Max (Autodesk, Inc.)
DLM ASCII Delimited File
DLM Dirty Little Helper Cheat File
DLM Dynamic Link Module
DLM FileMaker Pro Data
DLN Scanner Recognita File
DLO 3ds Max Plug-in (Autodesk, Inc.)
DLR TIB Browser
DLS Blood 2
DLS dataLive Database Engine File
DLS DLS/32 Supply Chain Planning (Adapta)
DLS Downloadable Sounds
DLS Norton DiskLock Setup File
DLT VCTEditor Data File (LEONI Wiring Systems UK Ltd.)
DLU Dirty Little Helper Update File
DLV CATIA Export File (Dassault Systmes)
DLW DALiM LiTHO Line Work Bitmap (Blanchard Systems Inc.)
DLX Complete Works (Toplevel Computing)
DLX Premiere Movie (Adobe Systems Inc.)
DLY Complete Works Wordprocessing Template (Toplevel Computing)
DLZ Compressed Data File
DL_ Compressed DLL File
DL_ The Land Of UM
DM Paradox Data Model (Borland Software Corporation)
DM2 Quake 2 Demo File
DM2 Demetra Detailed Analysis Project (European Commission (Eurostat))
DM3 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
DMA Direct Memory Access Programming File
DMB DHTML Menu Builder Project File (xFX JumpStart)
DMC Medical Manager DML System Compiled Script
DMD Corel Data Modeling Desktop
DMD dB2K/dQuery Web DataModule
DMD OS/2 Warp Device Manager Driver
DMD Visual dBASE Data Module
DME Medical Manager DML System Data Merge
DMF Delusion/XTracker Digital Music File
DMF DemoForge Software Demo File (DemoForge)
DMF Packed Amiga Disk Image
DMF Windows Disk Map File (Microsoft)
DMF Macintosh Disk Image
DMF Digitals/Delta Map File (Geosystem (Ukrainian Mapping Agency))
DMG Macintosh OS X Disk Copy Disk Image File (Apple Computer, Inc.)
DMG Oracle Binary Format Dump File (Oracle)
DMJ Dustman Selection for Delete
DMK Digimask File
DML Darn! Shopping! Mall File
DML Medical Manager DML System Script
DMN SAS Stat Studio Metadata (SAS Institute Inc.)
DMO Derive Demo
DMO Duke Nukem 3D/Redneck Rampage Recorded Games
DMO Game Demo File
DMO S3M Compressed Module
DMO The Land Of UM Demo File
DMO Twin TrackPlayer
DMP INMOS Transputer Development System Occam Core Dump
DMP Precision Guesswork LANWatch Capture File
DMP Screen or Memory Dump
DMP Windows Error Dump (Microsoft Corporation)
DMS Amiga DISKMASHER Compressed Archive
DMS Packrat Database Index
DMS Exigen Workflow Imaging File (Exigen, Inc.)
DMT Delcam Machining Triangles
DMT Delphi Menu Template (Borland Software Corporation)
DMT Street Atlas Transfer File (Delorme)
DMT XMap Transfer File (Delorme)
DMU Digital Mugician Song/Module
DMV Acrobat Catalog (Adobe)
DMW Datamass Ag
DMW DrawMe Vector Image
DMX Medical Manager DML System Index for Custom .DME Files
DMX ProTrader Database
DMY Container File
DMY Dummy
DMZ DMesh 3D Model
DM_1 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
DM_2 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
DM_3 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
DM_4 Call of Duty Demo File (Activision)
DM_48 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
DM_57 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo File (Id Software, Inc.)
DM_59 Return to Castle Wolfenstein Demo File (Id Software, Inc.)
DM_66 Quake 3 Arena Demo File
DM_67 Quake 3 Arena Demo File (ID Software)
DN2 Windows Dancer (Microsoft)
DN8 Blue Martini UTF-8 Encoded DNA File
DNA Blue Martini DNA File
DNA Desktop DNA Data Storage File
DNA NewMoon Distributed Network Application Information
DNA Virtual Woman Digital DNA (CyberPunk Software)
DNA.XML Blue Martini XDNA File
DNASYM Desktop DNA Compiled Application Script
DNAX Desktop DNA Exclusion List
DNC Compressed Dictionary File
DNC Machine Tool Communications
DND ClustaW Tree File
DNE Darn Ver. 5+ Windows Events List
DNE Netica Bayes Net File (Norsys Software Corp.)
DNG Dungeon File
DNG Digital Negative Format (Adobe Systems Inc.)
DNI realMyst 3D Archive
DNK Killad File
DNL DigitalWebBook Electronic Book
DNL netMod Modem Firmware Upgrade File
DNP NeatImage Ver. 2.2 Free Ed. Profile File (ABSoft)
DNS DynSite Plug-in File
DO DigitalOutrage Hosting Control Panel Info
DO MicroSim PCBoard File With Autorouting Control Information
DO Stata Batch Analysis File
DO$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
DO0 Sysinfo Sa51swe File
DO1 Sysinfo Sa51swe File
DO2 Sysinfo Sa51swe File
DOB Visual Basic User Document Form File (Microsoft)
DOC BIFF File (Microsoft)
DOC DisplayWrite 4 File
DOC Document or Documentation
DOC FrameMaker/FrameBuilder Document (Adobe)
DOC Interleaf Document Format
DOC Mastercam Material Files (CNC Software, Inc.)
DOC Palm Pilot DOC File Format
DOC Word Document (Microsoft)
DOC Word DOT File (Microsoft)
DOCENX egis Encrypted Word DOC File (HiTRUST Inc.)
DOCHTML Word HTML Document (Microsoft)
DOCKLET ObjectDock Docklet (Stardock Corporation)
DOCKPACK ObjectDock Theme Pak (Stardock Corporation)
DOCKTHEME ObjectDock Theme (Stardock Corporation)
DOCMHTML Word HTML Document (Microsoft)
DOCX Word Microsoft Office Open XML Format Document (Microsoft Corporation)
DOCXENX egis Encrypted Word Open XML DOCX File (HiTRUST Inc.)
DOE Arena Model File (Rockwell Automation, Inc.)
DOF Delphi Option File (Borland Software Corporation)
DOF Racer 3D Geometry File
DOF WinTidy File
DOG Laughing Dog Screen Saver
DOG PAFEC Phase 2 CAD File (SER Systems Ltd.)
DOG Dogz Dog Description File (Ubisoft Entertainment)
DOH Geoworks Dependency Information File
DOK Dokument, often ASCII Text
DOK German or Dutch Text
DOL D-PAS Portfolio Manager Flexible Benchmarking Analysis File
DON Textur Editor File
DOO Atari Doodle
DOO Atari Image Doodle
DOO Vibrants Music
DOP Digital Orchestrator File
DOQ Digital Orthophoto Quadrangle
DOQQ Digital Orthophoto Quarter Quadrangle
DORE Dore Raster File Format [Steve Hollasch]
DOS 1st Reader External Command File
DOS DOS 7 System Files. Win 95 Boot up in DOS.
DOS General Network Driver File
DOS NDIS Network Card Driver
DOS Network Driver File
DOS Text File/DOS Specification Info
DOT Bert's Dinosaurs File
DOT Corel Lines-Definition
DOT Ribbons Molecular Dot Surface
DOT Word Document Template (Microsoft)
DOTHTML Word HTML Document Template (Microsoft)
DOV Temporary File
DOW TAPCIS Download Command List
DOWNLOAD Mozilla Partial Download File (Mozilla)
DOWNLOADHOST MSN Explorer Download View (Microsoft Corporation)
DOX MultiMate Document
DOX Text File
DOX Visual Basic User Document Binary Form File (Microsoft)
DOX Word Text Document (Microsoft)
DOZ VENDINFO Description Out of Zip File
DP Common Group
DP Daily Planner Calendar File
DP DataPhile Data File
DP Portable Document; Common Ground Digital Paper
DP Text
DP THOR Database Primary Data
DP$ Ntgraph Visual C Wizzard File
DPA Archive
DPA Serif DrawPlus Animation
DPB Dataplore Signals
DPB Fax Master File
DPB ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Pointer File (Schneider Electric)
DPC Delphi Package Collection File (Borland Software Corporation)
DPC DiscPlay Collection File
DPC OrCad Design Rule Check Output
DPC Uefa Champions League Data
DPD ABC Programming Language Dyadic Predicate
DPD OmniServer File
DPD Ovation Pro Document (David Pilling)
DPD Document Processor DESIGNER Project File (Upload@24 IT Consulting GmbH)
DPF COMPRESS Vessel Drafting Program File
DPF Dataplore Figure
DPF DeltaDOS Delta Patch File
DPF Dictaphone Walkabout Express
DPF Dynamic Process Format Database (Barco)
DPF F-Secure Configuration File
DPF ProWORX Nxt Descriptor Pointer (Schneider Electric)
DPF Speedy Printed Circuit Board Design Software (Mania Technologie)
DPF DanProgrammer Script (DanSoft Australia)
DPF Document Processor FLOW Project File (Upload@24 IT Consulting GmbH)
DPG Deleted program group; Windows Applications Manager
DPG DPGraph Mathematical Graph
DPGRAPH DPGraph Mathematical Graph
DPI Pointline Bitmap
DPJ Delphi Project (Borland Software Corporation)
DPJ DeskProto CAM Project File
DPK Deleted Package, Windows Applications Manager
DPK Delphi Package File (Borland Software Corporation)
DPK Lemon Interactive Starmageddon File
DPL Dasher Playlist File (ChristmasCave)
DPL Delphi Package Library (Borland Software Corporation)
DPL Digital Photo Librarian Database
DPM DataPilot RingTone (Susteen, Inc.)
DPMI DOS Protected-Mode Interface Programming
DPO Delphi Object Repository (Borland Software Corporation)
DPO DECAdry Express Business Cards Business Card File (DECAdry)
DPP Serif DrawPlus Drawing
DPP Document Processor CORE Project File (Upload@24 IT Consulting GmbH)
DPQ PCX format
DPR C++ Default Project (Borland Software Corporation)
DPR Desk Project
DPR Wintidy File
DPR Dance Paranoia
DPS DivX XP Skin (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
DPS DPS Reality Video Editing File
DPS dpsVelocity Split Video File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
DPT Desktop DNA Template
DPT Publish-It! Publication File
DPV PrintView Raw Text (DATAIR Employee Benefit Systems, Inc.)
DPX Animation
DPX Digital Moving Picture Exchange Bitmap
DPX Kodak Cineon Raster Bitmap (Kodak)
DPY PROGNOSIS Display Document File
DPY Realpolitik Saved Game
DP~ BC31 Bin File
DQA itaz doQument File
DQB D-PAS Portfolio Manager File
DQC CP/M Disk Information File
DQD itaz Default doQument Database
DQL DataEase Database
DQY Excel ODBC Query File (Microsoft)
DR$ Modem Bitware Fax Disk2 File
DR9 Directory File
DRA Dragon Naturally Speaking
DRA Dr. Abuse Saved File (Barres & Boronat)
DRAW 2D Graphic
DRAW Acorn Object-based Vector Graphic
DRB DrBeam
DRC Delphi Compiled Resource File (Borland Software Corporation)
DRC DriveCrypt Container File
DRC MicroSim PCBoard DRC Errors Report
DRC Orcad Schematic Capture Design Rules Check Report File
DRES Diagnosis Results
DRF DrFrame
DRF Hummingbird DOCS Open, PowerDOCS, DM
DRF Photoline Drawing Filter
DRF Nicolet DataViewer Distributed NRF Files (Nicolet Instrument Technologies, Inc.)
DRF 3D Studio Scene (Autodesk, Inc.)
DRG Dyno2000 Car Design (Motion Software)
DRG VLBI and Tied Array Drudge Tasking Document
DRI Speedy Printed Circuit Board Design Software (Mania Technologie)
DRJ Deraj Data File
DRL DocObject Resource Locator
DRM Cubase Drum File (Steinberg)
DRML Protected Digital Content (Digital Rights Management Limited)
DRN Darn for DOS
DRO D-Robots Robot
DRS Age of Empires II Archive (Microsoft)
DRS BMP Bitmap
DRS DrawPerfect Ver. 1.0 Font
DRS Text
DRS WordPerfect Driver Resource (Corel Corporation)
DRT PCB Designer with PSpice Custom Derating File (OrCAD)
DRT egseing Direct Mode
DRT Director MX Shockwave Export (Macromedia, Inc.)
DRT DataPilot RingTone (Old Style) (Susteen, Inc.)
DRT CADAM Export Format (Dassault Systemes)
DRT Windows Draw Template (Corel Corporation)
DRT Dispatch Route File
DRT DirectRT Styles File (Empirisoft)
DRT EPOS Data Recovery Tool Working File (EPOS Ltd.)
DRU Wfm384s Demo File
DRV Device Driver
DRV Program Overlay
DRV Traverse PC Desktop Drawing (Traverse PC, Inc.)
DRW Drawing
DRW Freelance Graphics Version 2 for DOS Drawing/Presentation (IBM)
DRW Micrografx Vector Graphic
DRW Pro/E Drawing
DRW Personal Designer (4Design) CAD Drawing Database (4D Graphics, Inc.)
DRX Photoshop Tutorial (Adobe)
DRY Net2000 Executable
DRY XAIRON Organizer Diary File
DRZ Draz Paint
DR_ Compressed DRV File of VFW
DS Chemisty Software
DS Dialog Studio
DS HP Officejet T Series All-in-One TWAIN File (Hewlett-Packard Development Company, L.P.)
DS PhotoMax Drive
DS TWAIN Data Source
DS Desktop KornShell (DtKsh) File
DS Dynamics Solver Problem Definition (Juan M. Aguirregabiria)
DS4 Micrografx Designer Graphics (ver 4)
DSA DasyTec DASYLab File
DSA PKCS7 Signature, DSA
DSASAVE Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
DSB DasyTec DASYLab File
DSB Rayman2 Play
DSB DiscSafe Backup (Engelmann Media GmbH)
DSB Embroidery File
DSB Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
DSC Belief Network (Microsoft)
DSC Description File
DSC DPKG-source
DSC Nikon Coolpix Disk Identification File (Nikon Inc.)
DSC Oracle Discard File
DSC PostScript Language Document Structuring Conventions Specification Version 3.0
DSC SoftImage Scene File
DSCE Diagnosis Scenario
DSCMD Desktop Sidebar Command File (Idea2 s.c.)
DSD DataShaper Database File
DSD Document Structure Definition File
DSDLL Dungeon Siege Resource Library (Microsoft Corporation)
DSES Diagnosis Session
DSF Delusion/XTracker Digital Sample
DSF DriveSurf picture
DSF Designer Vector Graphic (Corel)
DSF Borland C++ or Turbo Pascal Project Desktop Settings File
DSF MS Belief Network Document Containing Infix Formula Declarations
DSF PC-TRUST Document Signer
DSF ProWORX Nxt Data Setup (Schneider Electric)
DSF Vicon Kollector 2.0 CCTV Recording
DSF DataCAD Double Precision Symbol File with Layers (DATACAD LLC)
DSG Doom Saved Game (id Software)
DSH Dashboard PDA Wallpaper
DSH Dasher Grid File (ChristmasCave)
DSI Digital Sound Module Tracker Format
DSI R-Studio Hard Disk Scan Results File
DSI DESI Labeling System Telephone Label File (DESI Telephone Labels, Inc.)
DSK Apple II or Macintosh Game ROM/Disk Image (Apple Computer, Inc.)
DSK Delphi Project Desktop File (Borland Software Corporation)
DSK Desk
DSK Notes Design Elements (IBM)
DSK NetWare Disk Driver (Novell)
DSK SHARP MZ-series Emulator File
DSK WinImage Disk Image File
DSK ZX Spectrum-Emulator
DSK MSX DOS Disk Image
DSK Extended CPCEMU Style Disk Image
DSK Standard CPCEMU Style Disk Image
DSK Generic Disk Image
DSK Windows XP System Restore Backup (Microsoft)
DSL DSSSL Style Sheet
DSL Lingvo User Feature Dictionary
DSL Product Compass Suite Product Launcher (Deadline Software)
DSM Delphi Symbol Module (Borland Software Corporation)
DSM Developer Studio Macro (Microsoft)
DSM Digital Sound Module Tracker Format
DSM Dynamic Studio Music Module
DSMAP Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
DSN CD Stomper Pro
DSN Object System Designer Design
DSN ODBC Data Source
DSN OLE DB Provider for ODBC (Microsoft)
DSN Orcad Schematic Capture Schematic File (Cadence Design Systems, Inc.)
DSN SureThing Office Labeler Document Formerly DesignExpress.
DSN6 Ribbons FRODO Map
DSO Tribes 2 Compiled Script (Sierra)
DSP Developer Studio Project (Microsoft)
DSP Norton Viewer DLL File
DSP Dr. Halo Graphic Display Driver
DSP Dr. Halo Graphic Screen Driver
DSP Dynamic Studio Professional Module
DSP Signature Display Parameters
DSPACKAGE Desktop Sidebar Skin/Panel (Idea2 s.c.)
DSPARTY Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
DSPLUGIN Desktop Sidebar Plug-in (Idea2 s.c.)
DSQ Corel QUERY File
DSQ DASYLab Worksheet Sequence
DSQSAVE Dungeon Siege File (Microsoft)
DSR Micrografx Designer Graphic
DSR Visual Basic Active Designer File (Microsoft)
DSR WordPerfect Driver (Corel)
DSRES Dungeon Siege Resource File (Microsoft)
DSS DCC Active Designer File
DSS Digital Soup Digital Sound File
DSS Digital Speech Standard
DSS HEC-DSS Hydrologic Database (Hydrologic Engineering Center)
DSSAVE Dungeon Siege Saved Game (Microsoft)
DSSLIDESHOW Desktop Sidebar Slideshow Panel (Idea2 s.c.)
DSST ConsumerPoint File
DST C++ Desktop Settings (Borland Software Corporation)
DST CubicPlayer file
DST Home Embroidery Format
DST Micrografx Designer Template
DST PC-RDist Distribution File (Pyzzo)
DST Tajima Embroidery Machine Stitch File
DST WAIN (Scanner Spec) Data Source DLL
DST MicroImages Priroda Lens Correction Photo-grammetric Distortion Values (radius/distortion pairs) Specification (MicroImages, Inc.)
DST Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
DST ViPNet Products Encryption Key Set (Infotecs)
DSU ProWORX Nxt Data Setup (Schneider Electric)
DSW C++ Desktop Settings (Borland Software Corporation)
DSW Visual Studio Workspace (Microsoft)
DSX Micrografx Designer Graphic
DSX Visual Basic Active Designer Binary File (Microsoft)
DSY PC Draft Symbol Library
DSY AJC Directory Synchronizer Project File (AJC Software)
DSZ Embroidery File
DSZ Win Help Related File
DSZ Orchida Embroidery System (Orchida Soft)
DSZ DynaMaSZ Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
DS_STORE Macintosh OSX Folder Information (Apple Computer, Inc.)
DT DAT Backup
DT Macintosh File Data Fork
DT0 DTED Level 0 (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
DT1 DTED Level 1 (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
DT2 DTED Level 2 (National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency)
DT5 Brother's Keeper File
DTA Data
DTA Hidden & Dangerous Archive
DTA Stata Binary Saved Datasets
DTA World Bank's STARS Data
DTA EZ-Forms Data File in Standard EZ-Forms Format (EZ-Forms Company)
DTB After Dark
DTB Cybermedia Uninstaller
DTB DesignTools PCB Design and Make
DTC Windows Applog Journal
DTD ArcView UNIX Hyperhelp Supporting File (ESRI)
DTD DesignTools 2D Design
DTD SGML Document Definition File
DTE Win Applog File
DTEA Diagnosis Template Archive
DTED Digital Terrain Elevation Data
DTF Exchange Header File (Microsoft)
DTF pfs:Q&A Database
DTF Symantec Q&A Relational Database Data File
DTF ACDSee Use Database (ACD Systems Ltd.)
DTF Solid Edge Document (UGS PLM Solutions)
DTF DanTemplate Template File (DanSoft Australia)
DTG Windows Applog File
DTH Windows Applog File
DTI Delphi Design Time Information (Borland Software Corporation)
DTI Windows Applog File
DTJ Windows Applog File
DTL Hal/Supernova/Lunar/LunarPlus Screen Readers/Magnifiers
DTL Windows Applog File (Microsoft)
DTM DigiTrekker Module
DTM Softshare Delta Translation Map
DTM DeFy Adlib Tracker
DTM Surpac Vision Data Repository (Surpac Minex Group)
DTN TunnelCAD Import/Export File (IQSoft)
DTP ProComm Program Patch
DTP Page Express Desktop Publishing Document
DTP PageMagic - Publish-It! - Publisher3 Publication
DTP Pressworks Template File
DTP Publish-It! Publication
DTP SecurDesk! Desktop
DTP Text Document of Timeworks Publisher 3.x
DTP Timeworks Publisher Text Document
DTQ Database Tools Query
DTR DTREG Project File (Phillip H. Sherrod)
DTS Data Transformation Services (Microsoft)
DTS Digital Surround Audio File Format
DTX DocuTech Print6 Engine File
DTX E-Book File
DTX LaTeX Source and Documentation Archive
DTX LithTech Game Model Texture File (Touchdown Entertainment, Inc.)
DTX pfs:Q&A Index
DT_ Mac-ette
DT_ Macintosh Data File Fork
DUA Fifa 2001 Data Feart Legal Screeen
DUB Audio Utility Tuningwrench Tuning Compressed File
DUD DirectUpdate Dynamic DNS Service Description (William Levra-Juillet)
DUF Beckman Instrument's Spectrophotometer Data Archive
DUM Ada ADA Tutor File
DUN Dial-Up Networking Export File
DUN Dunce File
DUP Duplicate Backup
DUR DURILCA Compressed Archive
DUS Readiris Font Dictionary
DUT Dutch Text File
DV DESQview Script (Symantec)
DV Digital Video File
DVA dpsVelocity Split Audio File (Leitch Technology Corporation)
DVB AutoCAD VBA Source Code (Autodesk, Inc.)
DVB Visual Basic for Applications Macro Project (Microsoft)
DVB DVBLine Document
DVC 1-2-3 (IBM)
DVD Animation
DVD DOS Device Driver File
DVD DVDMaestro Project File (Spruce Technologies)
DVDREGIONCSSFREE DVD Region+CSS Free (Fengtao Software Inc.)
DVF DV Studio Camcorder Graphics File
DVF Sony Compressed Voice File (Sony)
DVG GraphicWorks Vector Drawing
DVI Action Media II Digital Video Interactive Movie
DVI TeX Device Independent Document
DVI GlossTeX Installation Instructions
DVM DVM Movie File Format
DVO DESQview (Symantec)
DVP AutoCAD Device Parameter (Autodesk, Inc.)
DVP DESQview Program Information (Symantec)
DVPRJ Dj Vu X Translation Project File (ATRIL Language Engineering S.L.)
DVR Device Driver
DVR Program Overlay
DVR DESQview (Symantec)
DVR DVR-Studio Stream (Haenlein-Software)
DVR-MS Media Center Recorded Television File (Microsoft)
DVSD DVMaster Pro Video
DVT DepoView Digital Video Transcript (inData Corporation)
DVU DVBControl
DVU Documat Adaptive Binary Optimization Format File (MatrixView Pte. Ltd.)
DVW Digital Voice Recorder Voice File (Dektron)
DVX DivX Movie (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
DW David Whitaker Format Music File
DW1 Deathwatch WebCrawler Encrypted Log File (Deathwatch Development Group)
DW2 DesignCAD Drawing File
DW2 Deathwatch WebCrawler Crawl Log (Deathwatch Development Group)
DW3 Deathwatch WebCrawler Temporary Data Storage (Deathwatch Development Group)
DW4 Visio/DisplayWrite 4 Text
DWA Project Dogwaffle Animation (
DWB Coryphaeus Software Designer Workbench
DWC Compressed Archive
DWC NetOp Connection File
DWD Davka Writer File
DWD DiamondWare Digitized File (DiamondWare, Ltd.)
DWE DataWarehouse Explorer (CNS International)
DWE Creator Simulator (Tufts University)
DWF Autodesk Design Web Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
DWG 2D Graphic
DWG AutoCAD Drawing Database (Autodesk, Inc.)
DWG BravoDRAFT, Detailer
DWG Drafix Drawing
DWG Older Generic CADD Drawing Format
DWI Dance With Intensity (SimWolf)
DWI Dependency Walker Image (Steve P. Miller)
DWJ Dynamic Submission 2000 V6 File
DWK Locked DWG File
DWK DADiSP DADiSP Worksheet File (DSP Development Corporation)
DWL AutoCAD Drawing Database File Locking Information (Autodesk, Inc.)
DWL Textur Editor Compressed File
DWM Dwstk File
DWM DESQview (Symantec)
DWN Cisco Download File
DWN Experimental File Format
DWN Firmware Update File
DWP DeScribe Document File
DWP Dweep Game Levels
DWP SharePoint Portal Server Dashboard Web Part File (Microsoft)
DWP Darwin Pond
DWR WordEpress2.0 File
DWR NetOp Recording File
DWS AutoCAD Standarization (Autodesk, Inc.)
DWS Dyadic Workspace File
DWS NetOp Script File
DWS Creator Simulator Waveform (Tufts University)
DWS Dreamweaver Site Definition File (Macromedia)
DWT AutoCAD Template/Prototype (Autodesk, Inc.)
DWT Demon's World Game Texture File
DWT Dreamweaver Template File (Macromedia)
DWT GoLive Web Template (Adobe)
DWT FrontPage Dynamic Web Template (Microsoft)
DWX CADLock Locked AutoCAD Drawing (CADLock, Inc.)
DWY Dwyco Video Clip
DWZ Compressed AutoCAD Drawing File
DWZ Designer Projects Template File
DX Auto-trol Raster Bitmap
DX Data Explorer Document
DX Deus Ex Map File (Eidos Interactive Ltd.)
DX Digital Electric Corporation (DEC) Data Exchange File
DX Document Imaging File
DX MultiMate Word Processor Document
DX J-CAMP Spectroscopic Data Exchange Format
DX THOR Database Cross-reference Data
DXB AutoCAD Drawing Exchange Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
DXB Database
DXB Drawing Interchange Binary
DXB Duxbury Braille Translator Braille File (Duxbury Systems, Inc.)
DXD Diogenes Extended Document (Dimensione CAD)
DXE Amiga Emulator
DXF 2D Graphic
DXF 3D Graphic
DXF AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Format (Autodesk, Inc.)
DXF Drawing Interchange (Exchange) Format
DXF Image PSP, Fh7
DXF Micrografx Picture Publisher Special Effect
DXF XMap Exported Draw File (Delorme)
DXL Dapyx MP3 Explorer
DXL DOORS Extension Language
DXL Domino XML File (IBM)
DXMAX Oozic File
DXN Fujitsu dexNet Fax Document
DXP Piles'O'Tiles Tile Image File (F1 Software)
DXP Dynamic XML Page (Neolectric)
DXP Duxbury Braille Translator Duxbury Print File (Duxbury Systems, Inc.)
DXPACK DesktopX Object Package (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
DXPACKPRO DesktopX Pro Document Package (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
DXR Acrobat (Adobe)
DXR AEC DesignWare Model Parameter File
DXR Dependable Strengths Administrator Resources
DXR Green Building Advisor File
DXR Macromedia Director Protected Movie File (Macromedia)
DXR Vegas Jackpot Gold Game File
DXS Deus Ex Saved Game
DXSTUDIO DX Studio Document (Worldweaver Ltd.)
DXTHEME DesktopX Theme (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
DXTHEMEPRO DesktopX Pro Theme (Stardock Corporation, Inc.)
DXU DivX File (DivXNetworks, Inc.)
DXX AutoCAD Drawing Interchange Attribute File (Autodesk, Inc.)
DY22 Dyaxis Sound Format
DY44 Dyaxis Sound Format
DYC ICUII Videochat File
DYL EPOC16 Dynamic Link Library
DYLAN Dylan Source File
DYN Dyno2000 Engine Simulation (Motion Software)
DYN 1-2-3 (IBM)
DYS SwordSearcher Daily Devotional Data File (Akamai Software)
DZ Dzip Compressed File
DZ Firefly Data/Parameter File (Mystic Fractal)
DZS Character File
DZS Download Accelerator Skin (SpeedBit Ltd.)
D_ Seqmax Seqprest Compressed Audio File
D_1 Polytext Ma'archot Meida Co. S"TaM
D_3 Polytext Ma'archot Meida Co. S"TaM
D_T Eru/erd File
D~L Creative DLL Copy
D~V Windows 3.x System File

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